Discoverer of innovations for tropical aquaculture

Our missions


Ensure international technology update

Discover, test, select, develop, promote and distribute innovative products, equipment and services that can improve the performance of tropical aquaculture activities.

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Contribute to the development of digital applications

From their conception to their adoption and usage in the aquaculture world; on the field as well as at the managers’ levels and strategic decision makers, producing advanced data analysis data to reach best insights.

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Share a deep expertise

Share 40 years of experience on 5 continents with 3 shrimp species to assess and advise existing activities, modernization projects and new projects. Ensure quality audits.

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Develop an international network

Maintain and develop an international network of leaders in the global aquaculture industry and facilitate relevant exchanges.

Our values


Facilitate & promote exchanges

Contribute to the dissemination and explanation of scientific and technological knowledge. Encourage efficient professional relationships between suppliers, customers and administrative services. 


Improve working conditions

Select equipment, products and services that contribute to improving health and safety in all working conditions of aquaculture companies’ staff.


Reduce Carbon footprint

Contribute to the reduction of the aquaculture Carbon footprint in all its components, by facilitating the increase of global aquaculture production in an eco-responsible manner. And contribute to the produce sufficient healthy food to the world’s populations.

Our main successes


Discoverer of the potential of passive acoustics in shrimp farming

  • AQ1 Systems (Australia) technology allows an intelligent management of the automatic feeding for shrimps. It has been a major game changer in shrimp farming !
  • Introduction/test of the technology in New Caledonia market (in large semi-intensive ponds), then in Latin America market.
  • Organization of a partnership with IAS Products (Canada) to equip the largest world shrimp farm in Saudi Arabia.

Innovation tester

  • First prototypes of the XperCount automatic counter of shrimp PLs & sea cucumber larvae by XpertSea (Canada) ;
  • FFAZ feeders (Germany) ;
  • Multispectral pathology diagnostics by Genics (Australia) ;
  • Mechanized filling systems for feeders by IAS Products (Canada) ;
  • Pure concentrated microalgae by Reed Mariculture (USA) ;
  • Non-slippery boots by Stico (South Korea).

Consultant for the development and training of a digital platform for Cargill Inc (USA)

  • Development of a digital decision support platform for shrimp farms ;
  • Beta-tester of the desktop and mobile version ;
  • In charge of the training of salespeople and users via an online Academy ;
  • In charge of the data analysis insights exploration team.
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Promoter of energy-saving aeration systems

  • Equipment, diffusers and other accessories for hatcheries and live shrimp transport systems (GARDNER USA & AMI South Korea) ;
  • Spiral aerators for ponds (TNC Innovation, Thailand).

Selection of local representatives or distributors for innovative companies seeking geographic expansion

  • Benchmark in specific markets ;
  • Selection of companies ;
  • Staff training ;
  • Assistance in commercial promotion.

Our team


Régis Bador


Fisheries & aquaculture Engineer and MBA in Agri-business. Specialist in shrimp farming of the 3 species : vannamei, monodon, stylirostris. 40 years of experience on 5 continents : R&D in public (IFREMER in Tahiti & Paris) and private (CENIACUA in Colombia) organizations, managing hatcheries and farms in Colombia, Mexico, Madagascar, New Caledonia. Worldwide expert consultant and moderator of round tables & debates.

Valéry Bador


Master's degree in Procurement and Supply Chain & Public Procurement level II (top of the class).
7 years of experience in France and New-Caledonia.


Laura Lagourgue

Consultant based in New-Caledonia

PHD in Marine Science. Specialist in seaweed taxonomy and ecology. 3 years of experience in New-Caledonia.

Piet Verstraete

Consultant based in Thailand

Bio/agricultural Engineer & MBA, Aquaculture, Hydrobiology. Specialist in nutrition, feed formulation and feed design for aquaculture. 30 years of experience on 4 continents (Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America).

Jorge Cuéllar-Anjel

Consultant based in Colombia

Aquaculture Veterinarian (DVM) & Master's degree in Microbiology. Specialist in diseases of aquatic organisms and shrimp pathologies. WOAH (World Organization of Animal Health, ex-OIE) advisor. 32 years of experience in Central and South America.

Antonio Alvarez

Consultant based in Germany

Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Biology. Specialist in data analysis and machine learning. 5 years of experience in Ecuador, Australia and Germany.

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In French Polynesia

Aquapac, Assystem, Creocean, Direction des Ressources Marines, Fenua Environnement, Ifremer.


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